So it begins…

In December 2016, I graduated college. Hooray! Off to do *big girl things* in the “real world.” And yes, here I am happily plugging away at an internship and a part-time marketing gig. I generally love what I’m doing these days, but something has been missing for the past couple of months. Now that I don’t have school work to fill my time, I’ve felt at a loss.

My whole life has been structured by school. I’ve never not known what it’s like to be in school or anticipating the start of school. For most people my age, that’s the case. I’m kind of an odd duck though (see below, my little duck friend with a top hat, a.k.a. me), and I actually enjoyed going to school and doing assignments (not all assignments, of course, but a large majority I really loved). I thrived in the structured environment school provided, and getting involved in activities helped that as well.

odd duck

But now, completely school-less, my time is spent working and relaxing (maybe some of you just rolled your eyes at that–but hear me out). Where before my weekends were spent darting off to meetings and events and buried head deep in reading and writing assignments, now I have too much time on my hands. My brain needs some type of intellectual stimulation to keep engaged, and since school isn’t around to fill the void anymore: enter Sunland Tells.

And, I will say, this blog will be a true test for me. I’ve started many blogs–just like I’ve started many stories–only for them to completely fall off the end of the train. As in, I’ve been a quitter, never been dedicated enough to keep them alive and well. In the back of my mind, I’ve always blamed that failure on being busy with school, too exhausted to really put substantial work into maintaining a blog. And maybe that’s true, or maybe that’s just a cop out.

We’ll know for sure a year from now, whether or not this blog will still be in existence. *fingers crossed*


stay sunny,




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